torsdag, november 02, 2006

Om politisk kunst

Chantal Mouffe:
—One cannot make a distinction between political art and non-political art, because every form of artistic practice either contributes to the reproduction of the given common sense — and in that sense is political — or contributes to the deconstruction or critique of it. Every form of art has a political dimension.
Rosalyn Deutsche:
—That’s why I, like many artists and critics, avoid the term “political art”: Precisely because it asserts that other art—indeed art per se or so-called real art—is not political, “political art” is a powerful political weapon, one that is routinely deployed to ghettoize art that avows the political. Similarly, the term “feminist art” insinuates that art itself is free of sexual politics.

Fra "Every Form of Art Has a Political Dimension", en samtale mellom Chantal Mouffe, Rosalyn Deutsche, Branden W. Joseph og Thomas Keenan i Gray Room nr. 2/2001, som kan leses her!